Wednesday, 9 May 2012

We meet Mr Angry and arrive at Bugsworth.

We spent last weekend at Lyme Green, right next to the retail park. Amazed how quiet it was there, ideal place to watch the Snooker World Championship finals. I'm not a great fan of Ronnie O'Sullivan but he deserved the title, never seen him play better.
We had a stroll around the retail park and on wandering into PC World; well the old laptop had never really recovered from the Windows 7 transplant and this nice new Sony had £250 off list price and the old printer was getting tired so that nice shiny Epson looked spot on. Now all I've got to do is work out how to use it all.
Yesterday we moved on, stopping at Macclesfield for water. Nice dog walkers there.

Yes, the local poo bag disposal site, just leave it there, who cares.
If you ever stop here to water and neglect to turn your engine off you will get a visit from Mr. Angry, who lives in the house nearby, annoyed at you disturbing his peace with your motor. He had to walk to the back of Armadillo to check the motor was running and then shout to make himself heard above the traffic on the nearby bridge but was adamant he could hear our engine in his house. All this was accompanied by much jumping up and down and threats to report us, to whom? Well I told him to have a nice day and assured him that when we had left he would find something else to moan about and we departed leaving him still being very cross. It takes all sorts.

The old Hovis Mill, it's now offices but at least it still provides employment.
Pushing on

we passed this boat, loved the collapsible washing lines.

Overnight moorings on the Wide at Higher Poynton. I'm not sure what caused the widening of the cut here but it does make for a pleasant spot

apart from the ruddy Canada Geese, I know the goslings are cute but when the adults are honking at 0430 I am liable to have a sense of humour failure.
We spotted some other wildlife,

biggest newt I've ever seen.
Today we set off again, up to Marple and the junction with the Peak Forest Canal,

under the last snake bridge and passing

the top of the Marple Flight we turned right and headed for Bugsworth Basin.

At New Mills the smell of sherbert from the confectionery factory hung heavily over the canal.

The scenery along this stretch is unrivalled, better even than the Llangollen.

And so to Bugsworth, fortuitously we arrived just in time to partake of lunch in The Navigation, a limited menu but well prepared, ample and hot. By the time we left it was raining and so it has continued, hopefully tomorrow we will be able to explore this fascinating site.

Watch this space.............


Anonymous said...

Hi Both,
Have to agree about the Llangollen, we thought the Macc & Peak forest were among the best canals we had done.
Kev & Ann (ex nb 4Evermoore)
p.s. Sorry about your Staffie, we are on our third now and he is tiring now (11 years old) great dogs though!

Yvonne said...

Hi, we used to moor at Macc right by Hovis Mill. It isn't offices but flats, mostly occupied by DSS & "care in the community" people, some of whom could give Mr Angry a run for his money :-) You're actually quite lucky that the dog walkers have been dumping their poo bags as when we moored there they didn't know how to use them and the towpath was just full of doggie doo.
best wishes

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

I do point out in the header that my facts are not to be relied on, so, to quote the old comedian Dick Emery,"OH I think I got it wrong again." Back to the drawing board.;-D