Friday, 25 May 2012

All about grandsprogs.

Well we are back at Stone having dropped the family off this morning. We've had a great week, now totally cream crackered. Not long after they arrived Elliot decided that grandad's hat was just the thing;

Not sure about that, it may well eat his head.
But on day one we set off aiming for The Hollybush at Salt, it was Jill's birthday and Natalie and Mark were determined to treat us to a meal out and, as usual, The Hollybush didn't let us down. Don't attempt their Greek lamb unless you are a world champion trencherman, it's huge. Totally bloated we wobbled our way back to the Armadillo and an early night.

Next day it seemed to need a lot of effort just to shift a gate, all down to over indulgence.

Esme had been given a real camera and was experimenting with some artistic shots while Elliot

practised his film star smile.

Once we moored at Tixall bubbles proved as popular as always but grandad scored even higher with his old fishing pole.

When you are four catching a skimmer bream is overwhelming,

The day was completed by an evening stroll to The Clifford Arms, never had a bad pint there and in the heat the beer garden was pleasantly shaded.

Just showing off, sunset reflecting on the tunnel walls under the railway on our way back to the boat.
Shugborough Hall on the hottest day of the year so far,

with English Longhorns grazing in the park.
In the children's playground Esme couldn't decide if she should be

a mountaineer

or a fire fighter.

Elliot was sure that mountaineering

was out as a career.

And Esme ruled out laundress,definitely not impressed.

As it was very hot and they were getting fractious we looked for an alternative way of transport, didn't work though, they thought I was yokeing.

Back on board Esme finally found employment as a kitchen maid.

If you ever stop at Salt keep an eye out for this villain, we left the offside of the cratch cover up when we went for a meal, on our return we found he had been in, nicked all the ducks bread, vandalised Jill's cushion and left his calling card all over the shop. He's got more neck than a giraffe.

Finally, my favourite picture of the week.
We are now trying to decide where to go next, Stratford is looking good:

Watch this space...............

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