Thursday, 16 February 2012

We have left Ellesmere.

Yesterday was the big day, on waking there was not a trace of ice anywhere so we made our escape from the arm, went for a pump out and a canister of gas at the boatyard and then round to the waterpoint for a top up; much easier than dragging the water round to the boat.

Definitely one of the more civilised waterpoints, four taps and a nice covering roof on the outside of the covered dry dock. This is the old company yard of the Ellesmere canal.

It must once have been a scene of busy industry as boats were repaired, lock gates built and all the myriad jobs concerned with maintaining a working canal went on, now it seems to be a car park and a place to have a tea break. At least the buildings are still there and in good repair. The most impressive building is Beech House,

once the headquarters of the canal company, now split up into apartments, but it still dominates the junction.
We are now a couple of miles up the cut and enjoying being back in the country, more important, we have discovered the Welsh Open Snooker Championship on BBC2 Wales, at the moment Ronnie O' Sullivan is playing Mark Williams in the quarter finals; at the moment O'Sullivan is two frames to one up so I'm off to watch the rest of the match.

Watch this space..........

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