Friday, 10 February 2012

Still at Ellesmere.

Getting bored now, come on Met. Office, get a thaw organised. Jill is up the launderette, I've checked the level in the starter battery, just got the water run to do and I can relax. Alright, if I relax anymore I'll be horizontal but why be on a boat and get stressed?
One thing about the freezing weather

is the amazing sunrises. Not this morning though, cold, grey and damp, stepped off the boat and my feet shot in different directions, the path was a sheet of ice.
Ellesmere is a pleasant little town, now that Tescos have settled on the wharf you have everything you need, Vermeulans delicatessen is not to be missed, cheese, bread, cakes, olives, the list goes on. trouble is everytime I go in I somehow acquire a cake and as Jill has me on a diet..........!

We treated ourselves to lunch here, (I know it doesn't fit the diet but what's life without a bit of guilt?) the steak and kidney pie was superb although, unless you are Desperate Dan, only have the small portion. Limited real ales but the Marstons Bitter was good.
Racking my brains for something else to add, no, sorry, still bored.

Watch this space.............

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Geoff and Mags said...

Hi Both
Get the thermals out, it could be -10 in the countryside tonight. Are you sure you don't mean 3"?
Seriously, is there anything you need? We may be coming over that way on Sunday - by road. Hope you're feeling better. Drop us a comment if you're short of anything.