Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Valentine's Day.

Actually the day is entirely irrelevant. The ice has been thawing quite well today, plan A was to move out of here tomorrow, this depended on a clear run so we watched the ice carefully and then Huzza! Huzza! Huzza!

 under the footbridge at the end of the arm a Canal Time boat appeared. (Actually I think the company name has changed but to us they will always be Canal Time, aarrgh!). It pushed its way up to the end of the arm where, despite the ice, it succeeded in winding.

It then bashed its way back down the arm to the main line.

 As they passed the chap explained that he had turned the wrong way at the junction, the ice is now all nicely broken up ready for the morning getaway.
Whilst browsing in Tescos we decided to indulge in one of their meal deals, main course, one veg. and a dessert plus a bottle of plonk for fifteen quid (normally a tenner but it's Valentines day). We had lamb shanks and a bottle of rose. The dessert was worrying me,

 for some reason the letters P.I.P. keep coming into my mind.

Watch this space................

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