Sunday, 12 February 2012

Duty done.

We have done our democratic duty and voted for our representatives on the C.A.R.T. council. We stuck to the basic principle that if they had a list of other good works they were involved with they would be too busy to give their full attention to the council. If they held positions on other waterways organisations then they would have their own agenda rather than represent all boaters and if they sounded too pompous they were out. We eventually came up with a list of names that we felt we could live with and duly voted on line. The actual process was amazingly simple, even for us.
Remember that if you don't vote you have no right to complain about them when they cock it up.

Just a couple of pictures of some rather nice half timbered buildings in Ellesmere

and this is the old town hall, it's now a bistro. The building on the far right is not at a thirty degree angle from the vertical, it's just an aberration of the lens.

Watch this space............

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GO-FOR-IT said...

hello Graham and jill
not sure how long you going to be round here but once the ice goes from the arm i am hoping to get some diesel delvied to the arm at the moment i can get it for .84p/l if you are intested get back to me email is best
colin and tina nb go for it