Tuesday, 7 February 2012

A list of moans. Jill called me a miserable old s*d.

Where to start? The catalogue of expenses just goes on. After the new t.v. I thought that was the end and then, Saturday forenoon, I switch the reliable old lap top on and guess what, it refuses to admit that the internet exists, a whole chunk of program had disappeared into some electronic black hole. I have a state of the art lap top but a mind more attuned to the abacus so the errant machine was carried up to the local computer wizard who was totally unable to locate the missing bit, he suggested upgrading to Windows 7, I agreed. This is fine, everything is back in working order but I now have to find my way around again, and where did I put the software for the camera?
At least there was the Six Nations over the weekend, three top class games as well, on the new t.v., in H.D.
Sunday the Eco-fan packed up and we are still well frozen in up the town arm. What fun, dragging the water round from the utilities block in a twenty litre container.

Ducks are not the smartest of creatures, this pair tried landing on ice, they slid up the cut in a welter of wings and feet and then had to slither their way back down to the boat to cadge breakfast. We couldn't resist feeding them, for the p.c. among us it was wholemeal so it won't poison them.
According to the weather forecast last week it was due to thaw this week, the forecast this week says it will thaw next week. yeah, right.

This was this morning, I knew it was cold when, upon bursting forth from the bed, I heard the ice crack the full length of the boat and upon opening the curtains I was greeted by freezing fog. Let's be philosophical about it, there are worse places to be stuck and at least this year we will not be mocked for wimping out and hiding in a marina.

Watch this space............


Kevin said...

Hi Graham & Jill,
I read a boaters blog in the last few weeks and it included a bit about sucessfully refurbishing and/or repairing an eco fan but I'll be blowed if I can remember which blog it was (sorry for the bad pun). If I find it again I'll let you know.

Kevin said...

Ah Ha!
I've found it... it was Doug & James off nb Chance... here's the link http://narrowboatchance.blogspot.com/2011/12/getting-your-ecofan-refurbished.html

nbchance said...

Hi Graham and Jill, Just read your blog post today and was going to comment on our eco fan repair, but looks like Kevin has kindly already done it for me. Hope you are coping in the cold weather, keep up a great blog, Regards Doug and James

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Thanks for the info. As we will be virtually passing Calfire at Chirk once the ice goes I think we'll wait and take it in personally!
Incidently Kevin, there is no such thing as a bad pun!!
Graham & Jill.

Anonymous said...

Its nice here in marina water coal diesel all close by

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