Friday, 17 February 2012

Short trip to wind.

I appreciate that it's not a wonderful picture, taken in a hurry with a hedge in the way, but these are the first lambs we've seen this year. We always reckon spring is here when the lambs start to arrive. With the change to warm weather it is starting to almost feel like it.
We were on our way to Frankton Junction to wind as we have to be back in Ellesmere for Monday.

Just to prove we were there,

we took a couple of photo's. We intend "doing" the Montgomery canal on our way back from Llangollen, if we ever get there! The residents in the house just before the junction seem to have a sense of humour,

this sits on the mooring at the end of their garden, it amused me anyway.

Another van with the new C.A.R.T. logo, I wonder how much each van costs to repaint?

Is Captain Caveman still alive and well? Or could it be that a very short hippie has taken up residence on the towpath?
Why is it that you never meet a boat coming the other way on the wide, straight lengths? This was a rather nervous hirer who crept oh so slooowwly through he bridge while I tried to keep out of the way with the Llangollen current trying to push me forward, we both eventually made it without mishap. We were all learners once.

Anyone need a couple of heavy duty fenders?
Now it's back to the snooker, O'Sullivan v. Judd Trump, should be a stormer.

Watch this space............

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