Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Finally, Llangollen.

Referring back to the problems we were having with the Eco-fan, basically it was on a go slow when it went at all, so we decided to test their refurbishment service and yesterday we moored just by The Poachers Pocket and walked up to Calfire at their base at Gledrid, it's easy to find, just opposite the Lord Moreton pub/hotel complex.

We took the fan in at 1100 and were told it would be ready by next day at the latest. At 1500 they rang us, it was ready for collection! It had been tested, the motor had been found to be defective and had been replaced. It cost sixteen pounds and came with a years warranty and it is now whirring away atop the stove like a new one. You can't beat that for service.
This morning it was time for the final leg to Llangollen so at 0900 we were on our way with two tunnels and three aqueducts to negotiate. You wouldn't even notice the third aqueduct if you didn't know it was there, it's about halfway between Whitehouse tunnel and Fron lift bridge.

First comes Chirk aqueduct with the tunnel at rhe far end and the splendid

railway viaduct running alongside.
Once through the tunnel there is some major towpath rebuilding going on.

Well it was time for tea break.
It's not too long before the big one comes into sight across the valley.


It's a long way down to the River Dee and as I get vertigo just wearing Cuban heeled boots I really don't enjoy the crossing that much.

It's going to be crowded up here once the holiday season starts and this lot come out!
From here, Trevor, it's a sharp turn under a bridge

and up the narrow, shallow, fast flowing and winding section up to Llangollen, certainly gives the engine a work out, pushing against the current. Not my favourite length of canal.

The end of the line, it's not exactly crowded up here at the moment.

Watch this space..........

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