Friday, 24 February 2012

Hearing regained and we travel on.

At long last, a final visit to the quacks at Ellesmere and a lovely lady nurse stuffed what felt like a power washer and sounded like a jack hammer down my ears and now the inside of my dainty shell likes are as clean and pure as the virgin snow.

For anyone who's a bit confused this is a picture of virgin snow, not the interior of my ears. Mind you I did feel it was a little unkind of the nurse to say that as she looked in one ear she could see the light shining down the other. But that matters not, after six weeks of deafness I can now hear again. I must have a word with Jill, she seems to have turned the radio and t.v. up way too loud and the birds are singing very loud all of a sudden.

Last week end we copped a little snow, first we've had so far this year. Marmite was not impressed, she feels her place to be in front of the stove, not dragged out into the cold and made to hang about while the I take photo's. Poor old mutt, she's showing her age, she struggles getting on and off the boat these days.
Having finally resumed our travels we had a couple of days near Welsh Frankton, Wednesday it blew a gale and chucked it down all day but yesterday was a total contrast so off we went for a walk.

The Welsh hills were in view to the west

lambs were gambolling in the fields whilst on the towpath

the golden stars of celandine were shining in the grass.
In the nineteenth century the demise of the canals was forecast when the railways arrived,

well here is the railway bridge over the canal near Hindford, which lasted the longer, canal or railway? Now if we can just get rid of the motorways.........

Could the black hole in the bridge be troldhaugen? Were the billy goats gruff about to go trip-trap trip-trap over the rickety bridge? To be greeted with a cry of "I'm a troll folderoll". Just a touch of whimsy there for those who appreciate that sort of thing.

The most interesting feature of the bridge was the coping stones, unusually they appear to be glazed pottery/brick. I can't recall seeing anything like them elsewhere.
Today we moved up to just above the New Marton locks.

The by-wash on the top lock has this pretty little bridge over it instead of the usual concrete slab, cute isn't it.
This weekend it's six nations with England v Wales the highlight, with our inexperienced fifteen I have a feeling that we may be on the losing end.

Watch this space.............

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