Saturday, 23 July 2011

Stourport bursts into life.

As the grandsprogs are arriving on Monday we decided to stay put at Stourport, well there are many worse places to idle away a few days. Up until today it had been a peaceful sort of place, apart from the traffic, crossing the road anywhere around here is a gamble, whether you reach the opposite pavement or the great beyond is a matter of speed and luck. But today was the first day of the first weekend of the school holidays and suddenly

the car parks were full, the bouncy castles littered the park and

the crazy golf heaved with trippers.

If you wanted a balloon

or an ice cream they were there,

while the scent of hot dogs wafted along the waterfront.

Some went for the fun of the fair while the more contemplative

settled for a trip on the Skylark or

hired a drive yourself motor boat.
We felt that a quiet walk was called for so we set of, hopefully leaving the fleshpots behind us but the riverside path took us through

packed camp sites, past the quaintly named

Well it's different. As we approached yet another caravan site

We decided that enough was enough and that it was all a load

of old bull anyway so we retraced our steps.

I was pleased to get a photo of this small copper on a patch of ragwort.
Back at the basins the gongoozlers were studying the skills

of the boats transiting the staircase locks while in a quiet corner

a corvette was ensuring that no U-boats were lurking.
Stourport has certainly woken up.

Watch this space..............

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