Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The Bratch and Wombourne.

We had plans for today but as usual they didn't work out. Normal start and on to Dimmingdale Lock.

I'd forgotten what a lovely canal this is. The next lock was Ebstree where there is another circular weir,

except this one isn't quite circular, same principle though.
It was not long after this that things went awry, we arrived at The Bratch, moored next to
a six foot thistle and decided to have a wander around, just a recce before moving on.

There is the octagonal toll office at the top,

and what appears to be a three rise staircase but, as we all know, it actually consists of three separate locks

with the bottom gates of one only feet from the top gate of the next.

The water from the higher lock runs off along a channel

and into a side pond that saves the water for the next lock down. It's another solution to prevent the waste of water that goes with a staircase.

It's rather impressive as the locks fill.
Having explored The Bratch we decided that a short wander up to Wombourne was in order, along the towpath to the wonderfully named

where there is yet another variation on

the (almost) circular weir and then on to Giggetty Bridge. Wonderful names they have around here. After ploughing our way through interminable housing estates we arrived at the Wombourne shops. It is not the most interesting village we've ever been to.
On the way back to the boat, via yet more housing estates, we passed the old waterworks pump house, they used to have a weekend when the old steam pumps were run to public delight. Can't do it anymore, health and safety etc.

Can't get a decent picture of it as it is hidden by trees.
By the time we were back onboard and had had lunch we couldn't be bothered to move so we are still at the Bratch. Tomorrow?

Watch this space.............

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