Saturday, 16 July 2011

Kinver in the rain, mostly a moan about the weather.

What a lousy day, it p-p-p-persistently p-p-p-poured down, every now and then the sun would come out and as soon as you opened the boat up down it came again. Not a happy crew, Jill has a throat infection and is shovelling probiotic yoghourt down, she swears it's good for sore throats and fellow blogger Takey Teezey uses it to keep his effluent tank smelling sweet, must be truly wonderful stuff. Personally, if I'm going for an edible dairy product I'll have a gurt big dollop of clotted cream, proper 'ansome.
Now these have got to be the best garden gates ever on a lock cottage.

Hyde Lock, ten out of ten to the inhabitants of the house.
About the only other thing of note on yesterdays trip was Dunsley Tunnel

although it hardly deserves the epithet tunnel, more like a long bridge.
Well we are at Kinver and I have no intention of moving until it stops raining, wonder what it's like here at Christmas?

Watch this space............

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