Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Staffs. & Worcs., day one.

It's four years since we headed down this stretch of canal. We were away by 0800 this morning and made our way up to Cut End where we watered and I took the opportunity to obtain a new Nicholson's Guide (2) Severn, Avon & Birmingham. We rarely buy new guides but our old one was printed on parchment and had "Here be dragons" in the margins.

 Just by the stop lock is the old lockies cottage, lovely old building but now surrounded by that wonderful sewage works that keeps the Shroppie flowing with it's outfall.
A right turn under the bridge and we were off down the Staffs. & Worcs., soon passing Aldersley Junction,

just nip under the bridge, up twenty-one locks and you're in Wolverhampton.
Someone had been busy on the railway viaduct:

when does vandalism become art? I think this is definitely art.
The kids at Wildside Activity Centre were clearly enjoying themselves.

When I asked if they were having fun there was a shout of agreement, the next generation of boaters perhaps.

At Compton Lock we met the first of the circular weirs that are a feature of this stretch of canal. We also found that when you raise the ground paddle the small hole visible under the balance beam turns into a fountain, unfortunately, as I whipped up the paddle, Jill was in the process of raising the gate paddle.

Now I tried to keep a straight face as a jet of water shot up and hit her in the nether regions but I failed miserably. Hopefully I'll be allowed back on the boat before it starts to rain.

Watch this space.............

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