Thursday, 7 July 2011

Birthday treats.

Seems forever since I updated the blog. It has been a busy weekend, celebrating a certain birthday, let's just say I have now reached official retirement, having just been loafing for the last five years. I was given the choice of treat so I opted for steam

and a trip on the Dart Valley Railway. I know it is only Great Western but there isn't a preserved Southern line handy to Plymouth. Duty engine was 1369,

one of a class of small pannier tanks built for working in places with tight curves. They're unusual in having outside cylinders, end of anorak bit.
It's strange but two small people

just love a train ride, I suppose it's a complete novelty. They also like what's at the end of the ride,

a rare breeds farm with lots of animals to feed and pet.

The young goats were a particular hit. Note the duck apparently tip-toeing away in the background.

Eggs and bacon.

Back at Buckfastleigh we watched the engine take on water and then it was home with two weary grandsprogs.
Saturday was very hot,

so it was out paddling pool whilst

the elderly dozed in the sun.
Sunday started with a trip out to the Plymouth Harley dealership,

I'm only allowed to dream these days, the 'bikes had to go when we moved onto the boat but it was a fair swap. Meanwhile, back at my daughters preparations were in hand for a barbecue, great success, I was not expecting the arrival of several friends I had not seen for a while and was definitely knocked backwards when bruvver Rob turned up.

There was a splendid cake, courtesy of daughter Cairstine and

a chance for the grandsprogs to get together, even if they were not keen on sitting still long enough to get a good picture.
Thank's to everyone who helped make my birthday really special.
Especially Natalie who did all the organising.

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