Monday, 11 July 2011

Just an update.

Hopefully things have now settled down and normal service will be resumed as soon as possible: except that T-Mobile is having a funny turn, we are at bridge eight on the Shroppie, normally a good signal as long as the dongle is attached to a three foot dowel and mounted on the roof. Today the signal, although showing as very strong, keeps suddenly disappearing and disconnecting me. Well I hope it's T-Mobile and not my all singing all dancing extension lead that enables me to hoist the dongle into the upper reaches.
Anyway, since getting back to the boat we have not done a lot, The Anchor for a couple of days, very quiet, indeed the whole canal is much quieter than usual for this time of the year. Then Brewood for one of Sam's curries at The Curry Inn, King Prawn Tawa, superb.
Tomorrow we're onto the Staffs. & Worcs. and heading for the Severn, not been that way for four years so it will seem like an exploration. Just been disconnected again so will give up for the day so,

Watch this space..........


Chris said...

Just found your blog after following the 'fellow bloggers' blog from NB No Problem. Keep up the good work you've just joined a band of people who unknowingly keep me sane on my countdown to a better way of life. Your blog is probably the most relevant for us - me also an ex-matelot, also from Guz and my better half a still serving matelot(et) who finishes her 22 in exactly 2 years (when the plan is put into action)

Enjoyed your bit on Dartmoor, it's been a while since I was last there, now get back to boating! Happy birthday.

All the best

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Hi Chris,
Glad you like the blog, always good to hear from other ex-matelots. This is not a bad way of life, living the dream. Please excuse cliches.
Yours Aye,