Saturday, 30 July 2011

The Droitwich, part one.

The grandsprogs arrived and after a trip to the fair, compulsory once they spotted the big wheel, we went back to Armadillo and settled down to a spot of fishing,

then we decided on an early night and an early start.

Bright and early we were off down the locks into the Severn, they call the basin between the two staircases Brindley's Joke because you cannot do a straight run from one set to the other, well he had a good laugh this morning.

  Soon out on the river and down through

Lincomb Lock, this bit of river is beautiful, wooded and secluded

although Edward Elgar takes up a bit of space.
Turning onto the Droitwich was a doddle but if there was a bit of current running it could be a bit problematic.

Above lock #2

we were met by a B.W. worker who passed on the good news that the idiots had drained the five and half mile pound on the Worcester & Birmingham, effectively shutting the top end of the Droitwich. This presented us with a real zugzwang, go on and possibly be unable to get out the top or reverse down two barge locks and back onto the Severn, we decided to head on.

Watch this space..............

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