Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Change of plan  #76, or something. Grandsprog warning in force, arriving next Monday. Need to ensure supplies etc. means we will be on the Staffs.&Worcs. for a few more days. Ho hum.
Anyway, today was Kiddie, shopped at Sainsburys and then had a wander up into the town, took the obligatory photo' of the church,

 on the rock above the, unused, 48 hour moorings. Over time we have heard it said so many times that you can't moor in Kidderminster, not safe. We are moored by Sainsburys and will be overnight, we refuse to be intimidated by rumour, if more boats stopped here there would no longer be a problem. There again there is absolutely nothing to stop here for, it must be one of the most depressing town centres anywhere. Crossing the main road to get from the canal to the shopping centre involves negotiating no less than seven sets of traffic lights and when you eventually manage it there is nothing but concrete,

To give you some idea, this is the most attractive street, sad isn't it?
There is a statue of Rowland Hill,

creator of the "Penny Post." Anyone remember when you could post a letter and it would arrive the next day? Well I suppose email has taken that over.
Best bet is to brave the traffic,

take another photo' of the church and get back on board.
I will let you know if we survive a night here.

Watch this space...............

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