Sunday, 5 September 2010

Market Harborough, a fine town.

A trip to the end of the Market Harborough Arm proved well worthwhile. Nice moorings, albeit on a bit of a curve in places and if you are feeling flush, six quid a night in the basin, plus electric.

Union Wharf in the early morning mist.

Once the mist has cleared a quick wander and you will find Frank the Plank, no I don't know either.

and look who else lives here, yes, it's a major lair of Canal Time. A useful sanitary station though. Despite having been warned about the major hike into town it turned out to be about ten minutes, even for such aged wrecks as us it isn't far.

Into town, lots of splendid buildings and all in good condition.

The Old Grammer School with, behind left, the municipal offices, formerly a corset factory, honest, it was.

A most imposing church, who was St. Dionysius? Unfortunately the interior has been got at and is about as interesting as the inside of an empty shoe box.

Only interesting thing in there and no explanation as to why it's there.
Lots of local shops and the multis are all tucked out of sight. We even found a bespoke tailor, he specialises in things equestrian so if you need a new set of made to measure pinks for the next hunt, he's your man.

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