Monday, 20 September 2010

Back in Braunston.

We are finally off the Leicester Arm. I left Jill in charge of watering while I hobbled (please note still playing on sore toe) round to get rid of the rubbish. Had a chat with Chris and Debbie on Ubique who were waiting for a Tesco's delivery.

Then the usual run through Braunston tunnel and hooray!

B.W. have finally sorted out the landslip at the end of the tunnel.

On the locks the community payback lads were doing a splendid job painting the gates, made working the locks a bit awkward though, all that wet paint.

A tranquil evening at Braunston, no telly though as there are trees in the way, missing the snooker, oh dear. Can't be helped, you just have to grab the first mooring you come across. Don't intend staying longer than we have to though.

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