Tuesday, 7 September 2010

More thoughts on Foxton Locks and a distance conundrum.

We are now ready to to tackle Foxton Locks, two five lock staircases, with side ponds, hmm.

You open the red paddle and that allows water from the side pond into the lower lock and then you open the white paddle and that sends water from the higher lock into the side pond and it all levels out and everything is fine.
The building at the bottom is the Foxton Locks Inn, to which you can repair when it has all gone belly up, as long as you haven't flooded it that is.

At the bottom of the locks are a nice new signpost and an old mile post, side by side.

In the nineteenth century these were the mileages from the junction,

twenty-first century and things appear to have moved, I blame the E.U., or perhaps global warming?

This is the first bridge below the locks and no sign of Zippy or Bungle. Perhaps they will turn up when we hit the locks tomorrow.

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