Monday, 13 September 2010

Brief update.

The summit level of the Leicester Arm has got to be one of the most remote stretches of canal on the system, apart from Welford at the end of its own little arm there are no villages within striking distance, the occasional church spire peering over the trees and here and there a farm seem to be the only signs of habitation, even the minor roads try to avoid contact with the cut.
We spent a couple of days at Welford, it's quite a pleasant village with agreeable moorings and some nice rural walks, we did a few miles out to Sulby Abbey and back, there isn't actually an abbey, just some humps and bumps in the ground but it was a decent bit of exercise. Jill says I need more exercise but bone idle is my chosen mode of existence so there is the occasional discussion.
We are now nearing civilisation, Yelvertoft is only about a mile from where we are moored but as it is blowing a hoolie and chucking it down I think that exploration can wait. We do have some photos' but not enough signal to download them so they will have to wait.

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