Friday, 17 September 2010

On to Norton Junction.

Well we have now arrived at Norton Junction after a most pleasant sojourn on the Leicester Arm. A quick resume since Foxton.

The only lock on the Welford Arm

and Welford Wharf, now a sanitary station.

Postman Pat greets you at the bottom of

the High Street.

The church has
the most splendid organ, catch the decorations, and

a fine memorial to Francis Saunders, Jills maiden name was Saunders, draw your own conclusions.
Any decent village has two important buildings.

The pub is, of course, the centre of village life (The Red Lion is a fine example, well kept beer and friendly staff, thoroughly recommended.)

along with the church, the tower is Hartshill stone

and the font is early Norman, interesting eh?

Watford Locks and now we are at Norton Junction, Braunston next? probably.

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