Tuesday, 23 March 2010


Next stop Market Drayton, we left High Offley

with the church and farms on the hill, quintessential English countryside.

Cadburys old wharf at Knighton and the processing plant behind it, or will we have to call it the Kraft wharf now?

On entering the vast Woodseaves cutting we wondered where Humphrey Bogart had got to.

It is imposing but Jill has not liked it since the time we met an ex working boat coming the other way, it looked like the Titanic coming through the narrows.

Another High Bridge and the only armadillo tiller pin on the cut.

Tyrley Wharf at the top of Tyrley locks, I take it they are not keen on Europe.

Tyrley locks in their wooded cutting and on to Market Drayton, it's market day tomorrow, there is no chance of keeping Jill away from that.

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