Sunday, 14 March 2010

Lazy weekend.

Lovely peaceful weekend, even got the fishing tackle out, somewhat windy but with a little application I managed two roach of about 2ozs each. I only had sweetcorn for bait (My sliced loaf had gone mouldy) so was surprised to catch anything.
Watched the rugby yesterday, we might as well have put out the Brownies B team, just scratching a draw with Scotland? Oh the shame!
Brewood tomorrow, stock up the fridge and then a meal in the Curry Inn, best curry house ever. After that, don't know, heading north and no further plans, maybe Chester eventually.

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Nb Epiphany said...

From behind you! Just about to put a link to you on our latest blog - hope that's OK. Didn't realise you were from the SW too!
John and Fiona