Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Old Main Line.

Well we got into Brum, had hamburgers at the Hand Made Burger Company, wonderful, Mcdonalds eat your heart out. Sunday went into town for a wander and on returning found Beefur on the moorings. Had a chat with Sue and Dave, they were setting off for the Llangollen on Monday, we were going to.........TADA, Tescos.

Monday morning: Beefur, Theathenia and Armadillo in the ice, although an early riser had already gone through.

Even the rubbish was huddling together for warmth.

This morning a quick foray into Sherborne Wharf, diesel at 63p per litre (Domestic) and then off towards Dudley

via the Icknield Port Loop,

the place old boats go to die,

but also a very attractive BW yard. We had decided to take the Old Main Line so ascended Smethwick locks, stiff and full of rubbish, no change there then, although BW arrived with a pot of grease just as we were leaving.

Blakey Hall Bridge and the M6, which do you prefer?

Eventually arrived at the Black Country Museum where they were greasing up the lift bridge over the side arm

while President got up steam.

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