Saturday, 6 March 2010

Onwards and Upwards.

Wednesday we set of for Hatton

passing that splendid hostelry The Cape of Good Hope, to early to stop(sigh). At the bottom of the flight we breasted up, Chris went ahead setting the locks, Jill and Jude worked the locks and I did the hard work, steering.

The Stairway to Heaven. We planned to stop at Tom O' the Wood for a slap up meal, only when we got there the restaurant was closed. Jill immediately stepped forward and produced a superb meal of boiled bacon followed by figgy duff and custard and we all enjoyed a convivial meal on board.

Next day was Lapworth.

Jill says this is the only photo' in existence that shows me working, she can be very cutting at times. All went well until lock six when suddenly we were not making progress, half an hour down the weed hatch produced about five yards of bramble/rose bush, a quantity of fishing line and a pair of frilly knickers, by 'eck that water was cold.
An overnight stop near Hockley Heath and off on the last leg to Brum.

Brandwood tunnel with its splendid relief of Shakespeare. Now for a Shakespeare joke: Shakespeare goes into a pub, the lanlord says "You're Bard".

and the stop lock at Kings Norton with Jude rushing to get a picture of Theathenia emerging. A strangely complicated solution to a simple problem, the lock that is, not Jude.

Kings Norton stop house, sublime practical architecture.

Bourneville Station, didn't have time to stop for Cadury World much to the ladies disgust.

Kept getting overtaken by trains.

A most interesting new chicane on the on the Worcester and Birmingham and then on to Gas Street, eating out tonight.


Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

What day were you at Tom O the Wood or is it semi permanantly closed again. I have not managed to eat there for 5 or 6 years.

Adam said...

The best advice I've had for when a visit down the weed hatch calls: first, put the kettle on; when you've made the tea, pour the rest of the boiling water into the weed hatch. It really takes the chill off the water.