Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Off up the Grand Union

After a good sulk over England getting beat we sat out Sunday waiting for the promised wind and rain that never arrived. Tried the refurbished Mill House (now the Boat House) in the evening, for a pub belonging to a chain the food was excellent and very reasonable but our loyalty still lies with The Old Plough, a real pub.

Monday saw us set off to meet up with Chris and Jude on Theathenia at Calcutt, we are travelling up to Brum with them.

We breasted the boats up and worked down the Stockton locks.

There was plenty of water coming down. The bye washes here are the old narrow locks, made redundant by the 1930s' widening.

Jill got stuck into the paddle gear.

We stayed breasted up until bridge 23 and you can't get two boats through that one. Spent the night by the Two Boats at Long Itchington, did they once have a plague of fleas there? and today moved on through glorious sunshine

and past trees just budding up and have stopped by Tescos (seems to be a recurring theme there, bet we visit the Tescos in Brum!) at Warwick.

Tomorrow HATTON.

1 comment:

Chris / Debbie said...

You will love the Hatton,
very easy to work especially with two boats.

We do it in about three hours with just D working one side only.


Regards Chris & Debbie.