Monday, 22 March 2010

Brewood (prounced Brood) and onward.

After a pleasant break we moved on to Brewood, pronounced Brood, so why spell it Brewood? Beats me. Lovely village and it now has a Co-Op, but no Tescos.

There are lots of different building styles, this is Speedwell Castle in the square, supposedly built on the winnings from a horse called Speedwell, good story.

These pictures are for those who appreciate vernacular architecture, you see I can use big words.

The parish church and opposite the church

the best Indian restaurant I know, if you are ever in Brewood (pronounced Brood) go and try it, the food is brilliant and Sam, the boss, really makes you welcome.


After leaving Brewood (pronounced Brood) you cross the A5, gives you a real sense of superiority. We then had a couple of days at Little Onn, and we've heard all the jokes, before pushing on for High Offley.

High Bridge at Grubb Street cutting, the world famous telegraph pole is a replacement, the original fell apart a few years back. No sign of the black monkey like creature that supposedly haunts the vicinity, well we were sober.

The Anchor at High Offley, anyone who knows it can supply the superlatives.

Is this horse a moslem? it appears to be wearing a hijab.

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