Friday, 12 March 2010

The Wolverhampton 21

A long day yesterday, we left the museum at 0720 and set off for the top of the 21

As we descended we noticed that most of those nice new bollards seem to be developing cracks, perhaps using green wood wasn't such a good idea. How long before B.W. have to spend pounds numerous to remove them as they have become a hazard? I eagerly await the next good idea from the safety elfs.

The flight went on

and on

and on.

Wolverhampton's last industry, burning rubbish.

This is the view opposite the incinerator, bit of a contrast.

and still the flight continued.

Had we taken a wrong turning?

It turned out we hadn't, the racecourse came into view but we couldn't get a clear shot of it so Jill took one of the Holiday Inn instead.

Was I glad to see this bridge, even though the flight is one of the best maintained we have come across. The gates are light and the paddles all freshly greased, a pleasure to work.
We arrived at Autherley Junction to find Epiphany just ahead of us, we watered and moved on to the S.U.C.S. moorings at bridge 8.

What a pleasant change after the last couple of weeks of urban living, much as we like Birmingham it is so nice to be back in the country. Believe it or not I have the best 3G signal ever, out in the country, the ways of mobile phone companies passeth understanding! Long live the dongle.

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