Monday, 3 March 2014

We put High Offley behind us.

We have broken out from the High Offley - Norbury Junction circuit. This morning we set off for Goldstone Wharf but halfway there we decided that, as it was a beautiful day, we would push on to Market Drayton, Jill has a strong dislike of Woodseaves Cutting and wanted to get it behind us.

At High Bridge a fallen tree spans the cut and a little further on there was further evidence of the storms.

It was a slalom, trying to avoid the remains of several trees whilst dodging the sunken rocks that infest this stretch. All good fun.
Tyrley Locks were in benevolent mood, the flow down the by-washes had lessened and with virtually no wind they were a doddle.

Some of the top gates were a tad leaky but overall the flight is in good nick and well kept.

The bottom three locks take you through a wooded cutting that makes this one of the most attractive flights of locks on the system.
It was mostly a glorious trip, the kind of day that makes you realise why we live this lifestyle.
The local birds are all getting busy with nesting, today we saw buzzards, yellowhammers, skylarks, bull finches and lapwings as well as the usual collection of nondescript little brown jobs.
Now at Market Drayton for a day or two.

Watch this space..............

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Elly and Mick said...

I don't much like that cutting either!
Elly on nb Parisien Star