Saturday, 22 March 2014

Descending into Chester.

The five locks down into Chester are hard work.

The paddle gear has reduction gearing, easy enough to turn but it takes, on average, forty fives turns to raise and the same again to lower them, the gates are heavy as well.
The first two locks are in typical suburban surroundings but as you approach Chemistry Lock older parts of the city come into view.

Terraces of Victorian workers cottages accompany the canal and from the lock itself the old industrial heart of the city is laid out ahead of you.

The water tower is prominent beside the lock, it is close to the springs that supplied water to the Roman town and later the medieval city. A little further down

the derelict Boughton Leadworks shot tower dominates the area.

Other old industrial buildings have found new uses, mostly pubs, restaurants and offices. Some are upmarket apartments.
One of them houses The Old Harkers Arms, a spot on pub with at least six real ales and top class food. Expensive but you get what you pay for.  After the hard work of the locks we felt we deserved a treat and having moored the boat by Tescos we partook of lunch there.

Watch this space.........

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