Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Market Day at Market Drayton.

Wednesday is market day. Totally unable to resist the pull of the chance of a bargain.

Just about everything you can think of will be on one stall or another.

It attracts people from all over the surrounding area. There was one stall that looked like a museum of old woodworking tools. No space on the boat. Not that I could use them if there was, give me a piece of wood and some tools and you will end up with some very expensive firewood.
Allison from Adderley Wharf Farm Shop (Top of Adderley Locks) has a stall there, the shop isn't open at the moment as there aren't enough boats going through to make it worth while. It will reopen when traffic picks up, her cakes are legendary. You should see the pork chops we bought, plus home cured bacon and their own sausages, a gourmet delight.
Jill acquired some new slippers and me? Well I couldn't resist it, a tat stall, lots of old fishing tackle and there in the middle a beautiful split cane rod. A bit of haggling and I got it for twenty-five quid. Perfect condition, even the varnish is good. I've just had another shelf put up for my rods so stacks of space, mind you I had to promise Jill that I would get rid of another rod. Hope she doesn't remember.

She even guarded it for me while I took some photo's.
Off to Adderley tomorrow, lovely moorings there, a nice quiet weekend.

Watch this space...........

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