Monday, 10 March 2014

At Audlem with very little mobile signal.

One thing I had forgotten about Adderley, there is absolutely no signal there. Even to make a 'phone call you have to walk up to the bridge and hope.
It was a most pleasant weekend, moored just below the locks the only road is the single track lane to the nearby farm. No traffic noise, not even any aircraft. With the good weather I even managed my first days fishing this year. Three gudgeon, better than nothing. The main event though was the Six Nations and a good win for England against Wales which gives us the Triple Crown.
This morning we have moved on to Audlem and guess what? The signal position is only marginally better and it is refusing point blank to download any pictures, every time I try it disconnects and says no service. May try again later.

Watch this (Pictureless) space...........

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