Sunday, 2 March 2014

Waxing lyrical about countryside, pubs and pigs.

Another weekend spent in and around this splendid edifice. It now is listed by CAMRA as a, "Heritage Pub", because of its history and the unspoilt Victorian interior. To me it epitomises what an English pub should be. It's also situated in a beautiful stretch of country.

On a bright spring day it's an ideal place to walk of the excesses of the previous night.

High Offley Manor and St. Mary's church dominate the area from the skyline while the canal runs down below in the valley,

through Grubb Street cutting. The old stone bridge that carries Grubb Street over the canal has its own tiny wilderness

clinging to it's mellow stones.
From the churchyard, on a clear day,

you can see beyond The Wrekin to the hills of Wales.

Winston Churchill once said, "I'm fond of pigs, dogs look up to us, cats look down on us, pigs treat us as equals." We passed these two as we walked, they ambled over to see us but didn't appear to be very impressed and wandered off to inspect their food bowls, presumably hoping that something edible had materialised.
Lunchtime will be our farewell drink in The Anchor and then it's Hey-Ho for the wandering life.

Watch this space................

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