Tuesday, 25 March 2014

My favourite topic again.

It's raining again and Jill wanted to get her barnet sorted so we are still at Chester, I've left her in the hairdressers, I'm sure I'll still recognise her when she gets back.
Chester is our favourite city and amongst all the attractions there is one that calls us back every time we visit. So yesterday we donned our glad rags and toddled off along the city walls to pay our respects.

The view from the walls across the canal basin with a glimpse, on the left, of the old line that once linked the canal to the River Dee. Plans are afoot to reopen the connection to enable boats to access the river.

If they succeed there will still be a problem, this weir that dates back to Norman times blocks the river upstream, so a method of getting boats past it will need to devised. It will be expensive whatever they decide is practicable.
Having prognosticated for a while on the chances of it ever happening we proceeded onward towards our goal and were soon within sight of

that most splendid hostelry, The Albion.

The interior is decorated with numerous momentos from The Great War.
The food is excellent, proper pub grub. Jill had Cumberland sausages with onions, mash, veg and gravy and I went for boiled gammon with parsley sauce, pease pudding and veg. No gastro pub this but even Jamie Oliver recommends it.

As do we.

Lunch time was only slightly marred when, after I had sent a picture to our son in Tenerife he sent one back of the beach front outside his bar, sea, sunshine, palm trees and, he assures me, lots of scantily attired young ladies. The caption below his picture said simply, "I win". When I pointed out that you can't get a decent beer out there he said he was prepared to put up with euroslop when he has all the other advantages. Can't say I blame him.
 We are definitely moving on tomorrow.

Watch this space...........

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