Friday, 14 March 2014

Shush! It's secret.

Today started foggy but by 1000 the sun was out and it was just too nice to be sitting on the boat, so we donned our walking boots and set off. Our attempt to walk a local footpath foundered in mud and water so we took to the lanes.

The Cheshire plain stretched away to the horizon as we strode down the byways of Coole Pilate past the scattered houses that make up the local community.

Soon we had chanced upon what is surely one of the more bizarre sign posts that you find adorning our road system.

So having straightened my tuxedo and adjusted the carnation in the buttonhole we sidled off for a spot of spying.

As we passed the place that Landrovers go to die the bunker came into sight.

We slunk up to the main gate and ignoring the warnings

we bribed the girl on the security desk with a hefty £16.50 and were in.

Long white-washed corridors stretched off and rooms full of strange equipment surrounded us.

One of the desks in the administration centre was a little disturbing.

It wouldn't be my choice of job title.
We then discovered that we had been pre-empted in our espionage attempt.

A right shady looking bunch they were too and a mite conspicuous.

If you've ever wondered what an atomic bomb looks like, here's one we made earlier.
Any aspiring intelligence agents can find out more here.
Tomorrow is the big day, the final three games, Ireland are clear favourites but we are still in with an infinitesimal chance at the title.

Watch this space.........


Yvonne said...

Thanks for the photos. I've always wanted to visit Hack Green but I'm a bit claustrophobic so never bothered and now I don't need to!
Still enjoying your blog, keep it up.
X Yvonne

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Glad you enjoy my aimless scribbling. My sole aim is to amuse. He said pompously.

nb Achernar said...

Your trip to the SECRET bunker was a trip down memory lane for me. Especially the radio room. We were still using those large valve radios in the 80's