Monday, 2 December 2013

Oak trees, the pleasure and the pain.

Early morning sun on winter oaks.
Had a couple of days at the spot near Congerstone where we encountered the ice, thankfully all gone now.
After a stop over at Market Bosworth we headed for Spinneybank Farm Shop at bridge 23. As you leave Bosworth you pass through an oak wood,

the previous day's wind had cleared the leaves from the trees and seemed to have dumped the lot in the cut, they were so thick the moorhens were walking across the canal.

We left a fine track through them, most of them seemed to have found our prop fatally attractive because they insisted on wrapping themselves around it. Such fun.
But we eventually got free and made it to the shop. Excellent, not only is their produce top class but they will deliver to anywhere on the canal. They also do coal, logs and Calor gas, plus there is plenty of mooring space next to their farm.
Yesterday we moved on to Hinckley so it's up the shops today.
Tomorrow we move on towards the new batteries. Trouble is there is snooker on telly all this week, knackered batteries and overworked t.v., not a good combination.

Watch this space..........

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