Thursday, 26 December 2013

Through Fazeley.

Just to round off yesterdays post,

Christmas spag. bol. Would a sprig of holly stuck in the top have improved it? I think not.

Rather more traditional, Jill's own mince pies with clotted cream. A couple of glasses of red just finished it off to perfection.
Today we pushed on towards Fradley Junction.
Looking back at Glascote Locks,

the bottom one of them used to be notorious for the time it took to fill, most of the water that went in at the top leaked straight out the bottom, now fixed.. Today we were helped through by the resident in the lock cottage who popped out, windlass in hand, and set to with much gusto. Really nice chap, makes a living as a balloon bender.

Then over the River Tame, still well up, and onward to Fazeley Junction.

Through the bridge and you are heading for Birmingham on the Birmingham and Fazely, we debated going through the second city but decided to go around, fewer locks.

Last time we came through the old junction house was boarded up and derelict, it has now been done up and is a very des. res.
History gets rather complicated here. Although generally considered to be part of the Coventry Canal, from the junction up to Whittington it was built by the Birmingham and Fazeley who had become fed up with the failure of the Coventry company to complete its authorised line and were anxious to connect with the Trent and Mersey. This is why the bridges on this section have names,

a la B.C.N., rather than the normal numbers. I hope that makes it clear?
Weather tomorrow not looking good so we intend staying put, just past the Hopwas firing ranges.

Watch this space..........


Anonymous said...

Saw you pass between our front door and the Ash Tree earlier today. Glad to see the White Ensign flying, irrespective of legality! ;-)

HNY when it comes,

Mike C.
(Retired RN Officer!)

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Cheers Mike,

HNY to you.

Graham. (Always known as Ben in the Andrew).

Ex M.A.A.

Halfie said...

Ah! Someone else who likes a bit of spag bol with their grated cheese!

A belated Happy New Year to you both (just catching up here ...)