Saturday, 7 December 2013

Jill's Christmas cards.

Snooker on the telly, so not much time for blogging. UK Snooker Championship. Looks like a Robertson/Selby final. Jill is watching Strictly at the moment so I have a few minutes.
New batteries fitted, what a difference. The old ones had soldiered on for seven years so can't complain.
Jill has finished the cross stitching for the Christmas cards.

Now need to be cut up and fixed on the cards with suitable seasonal greetings affixed. The large ones take about thirty six hours to complete and the small ones between four and six hours. Anyone who gets one of these cards had better be suitably impressed. There's a lot of love in them.
Maffi is here at Atherstone with us, last night we had a great evening drinking wine and putting the world to rights.

Back towards the Ashby tomorrow, just waiting for the locks to open and then head for the Shroppie.

Watch this space............

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