Wednesday, 11 December 2013

I attempt a technical miracle.

As I have said before, I have a digital camera and a Box Brownie mind. Whilst being aware that my Canon SX10 IS has a facility for taking a video I have never attempted to use it. Well I've only had the camera for five years, don't want to rush things. But yesterday morning there was a right kerfuffle outside the boat and on opening the side hatch I was shocked to find the neighbours involved in a domestic incident. In a moment of madness I grabbed the camera, twirled the knob, pushed the button and, hey presto, I took a video. Now I wonder if I can post it online?

These two were not messing about, in the end one of them tired and legged it for the reeds at high speed, where he ran into another moorhen who gave him another kicking, it really wasn't his day.
After all the excitement was over we moved as far as Stoke Golding, stopped at the farm shop, and today we have moored at Sutton Cheney. On the way we managed to pick up a strip of polythene around the prop. That water is a bit on the cold side I can tell you, by the time I'd cleared it my arm was blue. Jill, bless her, had a bowl of hot water ready to warm the frozen digits and a cup of coffee to warm the inner man. I did cast a longing glance at the Scotch bottle but it produced no effect. The sun was obviously not yet over the yardarm.

Watch this space..........

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