Thursday, 5 December 2013

It ends in the pub.

Blowing a right hoolie, more like Cape Horn than the Coventry Canal.
Yesterday was quite pleasant so we took a stroll up the hill at the back of Springwood Haven.

We discovered it is called Windmill Hill, and to prove it there is the remains of an old tower mill on top of it.

Having reached the summit we walked back down hill along the B4111, don't be misled by the B classification, traffic is more like the M25, passing Hartshill quarry on the way. It's a fair old hole in the ground and

the waste tip is quite impressive as well. One of the Nuneaton Alps.
The road brought us back to Anchor Bridge and it's eponymous pub.

Well it would have been rude not to.

Today they are fitting the new batteries and the wind has blown the satellite dish off the roof. Hope the wind drops before the snooker starts.

Watch this space.............

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Mark Hall said...

Im with you on hoping that the wind stops! The boat feels like I'm out at sea at the moment!
Sorry to ask this on your comments section but I couldn't find anyway of contacting you. I was wondering if you would mind me posting an rss feed of your blog on my website? ( as I am compiling a list of my favourite blogs and would love to include Armadillo.
Many thanks.
Mark Hall (