Monday, 9 December 2013

Open day at the locks.

As we reached the winding hole at the top of the locks C&RT were setting up for their second open day to encourage the local populace to take an interest in their local canal and, presumably, part with some cash in a worthy cause.

They were setting their stall out just next to the Elsan disposal, conjures up visions of the visitors impression of canal life when someone turns up with a couple of full cassettes.
The main purpose of the day is to allow those who have never seen the bottom of a lock to have a look.

Actually they are not working on the top lock and pound, just drained it down for the occasion.

Perhaps it will deter the locals from using the canal as a rubbish dump?
We then tootled off back to the Ashby and settled in for the snooker final. Storming match with Robertson coming out the winner.
Jill has just finished the Xmas cards, all written and addressed, post them tomorrow and that is Yule done and dusted.

Watch this space...........

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