Thursday, 21 November 2013

We make pigs of ourselves, again.

This really is not intended to be a sort of Michelin Guide but we were off out again last night.

Softley's Restaurant on the corner of the market place.

Work of art, it seemed a pity to eat them,

but we did anyway.
So that's another restaurant we can recommend.
Today it's all change, it's a fast day on our diet, only 600 calories, all day. I'll not complain though, I've lost nigh on three stone in weight and six inches around the waistline. Two stone to go.

So to remove temptation we are now out in the boondocks, between Market Bosworth and Congerstone, not a building in sight. A couple of days here will soon pull us back into shape.

Watch this space..........


Nb Yarwood said...

It seems that the Fast Diet is really popular with so many boaters/bloggers adopting it. Joe and I have been on the 'programme' for a year now and we have shed over two stone each and are now at optimum weights. We love the simplicity of the Diet as five days out of seven we eat and drink whatever we like!

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

It's the only diet I could contemplate, the thought of going hungry everyday is just too much to bare. I've still got a way to go as I was a right little porker. Just feel so much better, nipped up the hill at Market Bosworth without a halfway stop to recover.