Monday, 4 November 2013

We all know what b.o.a.t. stands for.

It was all going too well. After the wind and rain on Saturday we noticed a damp patch on the carpet in the bedroom. Baffled as to from whence it came we kept an eye on it, by Sunday it was obvious that a problem was developing. In fact the carpet was decidedly squelchy.
 There was one obvious source for this unexplained inundation and so it was a case of lift the mattress and examine the calorifier, which lurks below the bed. Ah, now we knew.

 Water was trickling merrily out around the four pipes to the left in the picture.Now I know and admire people who can wade in, happily brandishing a set of plumbers grips and a reel of ptfe tape and have it all sorted in five minutes. Unfortunately I am not numbered amongst that splendid company and so we crept into Springwood Haven and, looking suitably helpless, begged them to inspect the errant tank. All the joints were watertight and the conclusion was that we had a split in the tank.
So here we sit, awaiting the arrival of a horribly expensive new calorifier. Needless to say the one we have fitted is no longer available so modifications are required to the surrounding woodwork.
Quiet sobs are in order at this point.
B.o.a.t? It's an acronym for Bring Out Another Thousand.

Watch this space...........


Anonymous said...

If the tank has split, the chances are either your relief valve is defective or you don't have one. Get the boatyard to check. A new relief valve is a lot cheaper than (yet another) new tank.

Eric (n.b. Doha)

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Suspect that a previous episode with the relief valve, which made like a machine gun, may have have weakened the tank and age has now done its evil business.
New tank has nice shiny new relief valve fitted.