Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Twenty two million, one hundred and four thousand, two hundred and eighty seven.

Market Bosworth is probably our favourite small town. It has all the facilities one could ask for, a Co-Op, a greengrocer,

a splendid butchers, Lampards, presided over by the ever friendly Bill. Unfortunately the little bakers has gone.
The market place, apart from the cars, seems unchanged from Georgian times,

I must say that they seem to have lacked imagination when allocating street names,

they also have a Station Road which runs down to the station, original eh? The station is close to the canal but was long ago closed. It has recently reopened as a stop on the Battlefield Line, the local preserved steam railway. Trains only on Sundays this month.

Main Street with The Dixie Arms on the right, chemists and post office on the left and The Red Lion, middle distance. I wandered down and secreted myself in a corner of the bar while Jill went off to get her hair done.

Unusually quiet for lunch time. It may be a bit predictable but we always go for the steak and kidney pie, it has never disappointed.
It's always nice to see old friends,

two old friends and a new acquaintance, just had to try the Single Hop, it was more of a summer beer but I found it most palatable, citrusy yet robust said the anorak.

The 22,104,287?
Well I came across a blog ratings site recently and that is this blogs place in the global league table. Wonder who's at 22,104,288?

Watch this space..........


Halfie said...

Can you remember what the global ranking site was? I searched and could find only sites you have to sign up for.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

To be honest, no. I just chuckled, noted the number and passed on. It was only later that I thought I should have made a note of it. Thoughtful as usual.