Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Dark transit.

After a couple of days at Shackerstone we have moved on to the (current) terminus of the Ashby.

That is it, the end, just beyond the current bund though the next step of the restoration is taking shape.

It might only be a hole in the ground but to me it's a sign that things are still happening. I doubt if we will be around to see the day when this

is open water to Measham and beyond. That is if this ludicrous HS2 doesn't block the restoration.
To get here we had to transit Snarestone tunnel, it may only be 250 yards long but it has more twists than an Agatha Christie novel. As we entered the portal

that wise old canal stricture came to mind, always check your tunnel light before entering, because ours had packed up, not a glimmer. Bless the chap who invented the electric torch.

Here we are then, snug in the new moorings, courtesy of Leicestershire County Council who own them. We have a splendid view across the fields to

Measham brickworks and the finest array of baled straw I can remember. Tomorrow we start to retrace our steps.
Talk about problems never coming singly, just discovered that our domestic batteries are on their way out. We can't complain though, they have been looking after us for seven years unattended. The plus side of A.G.M. batteries, the down side is the cost of replacements. B.o.a.t.

Just to end on a more cheerful note, The Globe at Snarestone, to which we repaired this lunchtime for a comforting pint of bitter.

Watch this space...........

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Anonymous said...

oooh the brickworks formally know as Red Bank MFG where in 1970 my engineering career began as a millwright turner whoo what memories ... Pleased I've found your blog, great pictures, interesting read. See you around ... nbdingo