Thursday, 7 November 2013

Calorifier part two.

It was Tuesday afternoon before the new calorifier arrived.

All the fittings are on the ends of it, meaning that the pipework would need re-routing and, as it makes the tank longer, the doubt was would it fit in the hole?
Wednesday morning the work started,

removing the offending article revealed some rather damp wood, damage did not seem too bad though.
I left the chaps to it, I have a rule when someone is working on the boat, leave 'em alone. They know a damn sight more than I do.

Wednesday p.m., all fitted and tightened up. It just fitted into the hole, might have been made for it. Just some tidying up to finish. This morning the final bits and bobs were sorted and we now have a fitted and functioning water system. The carpet has had to come up though and it's a write off. I get the feeling our bank manager is going to be in tears.

Watch this space.............


Halfie said...

The colour is pretty close to the old one too! Hope you get no further problems.

Graham and Jill Findlay said...

Fingers crossed.