Tuesday, 19 March 2013

The continuity of the cut.

I remember that B.W., of blessed memory, had a slogan that went something like,"An open air gym", it must have referred to Buckby locks. They really do give you a jolly good work out. I know, we've just done them.
Yet another sign that spring is, theoretically, here.

The shop at Anchor Cottage is in full display, I've never seen such a variety of utensils "decorated" with roses and castles.

Below lock nine there is a warning sign, A4 size.

The sign's content couldn't be faulted, definitely a bit wobbly, wonder who owns the wall?
As we approached lock ten we noticed signs of activity and we discovered that there was a C&RT work boat in the chamber.

They were power washing the lock gates,

First they washed the bottom gates,

and then they washed the top gates.

Pristine gate!
As we waited I came to realise what a place this is.

The M1 thunders through on one side

and the ubiquitous Pendolino's rush by on the other, must be about the noisiest stretch of canal on the system.

Compare the dates, one in the lock wall and the other on the gate. Over one hundred years between them, I then started checking dates,

a continuous record of repairs and updates.

Even on the paddle gear on a long disused side pond.

Jill was duty steerer today, see how gracefully she brings Armadillo into the bottom lock.

Another genuine canal sculpture, how many years of wear and weather did it take to produce it?

And finally the view I had been looking for all day, the last lock of Buckby flight, behind us.

Watch this space...........

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