Friday, 29 March 2013

Hooray for C&RT volunteers.

What's going on? Shook myself from the arms of Morpheus and crawled forth from beneath the duvet this morning, peered between the curtains and Lo!

Not only was there a quarter inch of ice on the canal but it had had the temerity to snow on top of it.
Things improved when Jill produced a wonderful kippered herring for my breakfast and while I was indulging  two boats came past. An open track heading south.
We were soon through Stoke Hammond lock and at the Soulbury Three we were whisked through by some absolutely brilliant volunteers. I was so busy keeping the boat steady against water flows and the wind that the camera got neglected. Above the locks there was virtually no ice so we made good time towards Leyton Buzzard/Linslade.

Bridge 112, Nicholsons describes it as a swingbridge, fixed open. I can go with that description, well and truly fixed.
At Leighton Buzzard the visitor moorings were virtually full with boats, many of which appeared to be, to use a naval expression, grounded on their own beef bones. We kept going and have moored below Grove lock. We may be here for a day or two, old friends have their boat in the marina here, I feel a possible excess coming on.

Watch this space...............

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